Garage Doors

Raised Panel Models: 2250-51, 2283-2483

Carriage Models: 5250-51, 5283, Southridge

Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Replacement is an upgrade that will bring a high rate of return on your investment. We offer many garage door styles and construction grades to choose from that are well built and will last for the long term. New garage door installations include tear down, installation, new tracks/hardware, quiet nylon rollers, an operator bracket, connecting the opener to the new door, and hauling off the old door.

Style and options are one aspect to think about, but how do you know you are getting a high quality garage door? While some companies offer a better garage door than others, no one name brand has the right options  for everybody. That is why we offer quality garage doors from many of the local suppliers to ensure that we can find the best garage door for you. We recommend a free, on site estimate to help you choose new garage doors. Not only does that allow you to get to know us, but it also helps us make a more accurate quote. Every garage is set up a little different and we often need specialty products for proper installation. When we install new garage doors we make every effort to do the job right. An improperly installed garage door will not last long and can be dangerous. Poor workmanship can lead to expensive repairs, and nobody wants to repair their new garage door. Call us today for a free estimate and we will do the job right.


Raised Panel Metal Doors

Short Panel

The most basic and common style of modern garage doors is the stamped metal raised panel garage door. All the major manufacturers make their own version of the raised panel style garage door which all look alike from a short distance. The best way to create a personal look with raised panel garage doors is by adding windows and designer inserts. With any type of garage door quality should be one of the major considerations. Our line of raised panel metal garage doors all come with heavy duty hinges, two inch thick construction, and high quality springs. Raised panel garage doors come in three major construction designs which are plain metal, vinyl back insulated, or steel back insulated. Plain metal is basically a hollow pan garage door with no insulation value. Our vinyl back insulated garage doors are made from the plain metal garage doors with vinyl covered sheets of polystyrene inserted on the inside. Vinyl insulated garage doors have an R-value of 7 and a nice flush look on the inside. Our two sided steel doors are 2 inches thick with polystyrene insulation sandwiched between an outer and inner layer of steel. Two sided steel garage doors have an R-value of 8 and are the more heavy duty of the three designs. Windows and designer window inserts are optional upgrades which add style and personality to your raised panel garage door. For more information about raised panel garage doors call CSS Garage Doors and schedule a free on site consultation.


Metal Carriage Doors

     Stamped Carriage

Our metal carriage door are built with the same construction options as the raised panel garage doors which are plain metal, vinyl back insulated, and two sided steel insulated. Metal carriage doors simply have a different stamp pattern and wider windows which give the doors a more classy look. Metal handles and hinges can be screwed onto the outside to help make the doors really stand out. Carriage doors are a nice upgrade option that can really add style and flare to the outside of your house for an affordable price. Call CSS Garage Doors for more information about metal carriage doors.

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Hand Made Carriage Garage Doors

                  Custom Garage Door

Hand made carriage garage doors will definitely make your garage look head and shoulders above the rest. Since these doors are hand made it is best to have a drawing or picture of the design you are looking for. Our custom wood garage doors can be made out of rot resistant wood or whatever wood best fits your design. It is important to use quality material when building custom doors because they are expensive to make and need to last for the long term. Many companies make custom carriage doors out of pine material which does not last long when exposed to our weather conditions. Choosing a custom made garage door is a big decision and is best done in person. Contact us today and schedule an appointment for a free on site estimate.