Garage Door Repair Canton, GA

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 Is your garage door broken and in need of repair? CSS Garage Doors is Canton’s trusted garage door repair service with the experience and expertise to get the job done right. If you are in need of a local garage door company, we are local to Canton, with all of our dedicated employees living in the Cherokee County area. By working locally we keep our overall expenses down and in turn pass those savings on to our customers. We are a Christian based, locally owned and operated garage door company, serving Canton, Waleska, Ball Ground, Holly Springs, Woodstock, and all of Cherokee County. Call us today for fast and reliable garage door repair and installation in Canton, Ga.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Canton, Ga

Broken garage door spring

All garage doors have springs, which allow the door to be opened and closed with ease. Garage door springs are the muscle that carries the majority of the weight of the door, while the opener only pulls a small percentage of the weight. Torsion springs are engineered to open and close a garage door for 10-15 years before they fatigue and then break in half. Torsion springs are large coils located above a garage door that wind as the door closes and unwind when it is opened. Extension springs are made to last about the same amount of time as torsion springs and are located above the tracks running parallel to the ceiling. Extension springs extend as the door is closed and retract when it is opened. When garage door springs break, the door becomes too heavy for the opener to lift, leaving the garage useless. If you have broken garage door springs, it is best to leave the garage door alone until the springs have been replaced. Operating a garage door with broken springs can be a costly mistake, causing enough damage to require the garage door and opener to be replacement. Broken garage door springs can be a huge hassle, often leaving cars trapped in the garage. If you have broken garage door springs, Call CSS garage doors for fast and professional garage door spring repair in Canton, Ga. We specialize in torsion and extension spring replacement and our prices are affordable.

Repairing garage door springs is dangerous work and should not be attempted by anybody that has not been trained by a professional. It is dangerous to tamper with cables, bottom brackets, drums, or any other part of a garage door that is under tension from the springs.


Garage Door Opener Repair in Canton, Ga

Garage door openers are an important part of security and access for homes and businesses. when garage door openers break it can be a huge hassle. Automatic openers usually operate reliably for many years making it convenient to get in and out of the garage. At CSS Garage Doors we stock new garage door openers and the most common replacement parts, allowing us to repair or replace your garage door opener on the spot. Contact us today for fast and affordable garage door opener repair or replacement. We offer after hour services to Canton, Ball Ground, Waleska, Holly Springs, and Woodstock.



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